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What are diagnostic imaging services?

Diagnostic imaging procedures help to diagnose, treat, and monitor an extensive range of illnesses and conditions. Diagnostic imaging services include ultrasound, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, radiography (x-ray), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and positron emission tomography (PET).

What are some diagnostic imaging tests?
The common diagnostic imaging tests as below
X-rays –  The most common diagnostic imaging exam performed in medical facilities is the X-ray, which is a broad term that also covers numerous sub-categories. …
CT scan. …
MRI. …
Mammogram. …
Ultrasound. …
Fluoroscopy. …
PET scans.
What is a co-pay or co-insurance?

A co-pay is an amount the patient has to pay per visit or procedure. A co-insurance is a percentage of a claim the patient has to pay once the deductible is met. If you have met your deductible but have a co-insurance amount, you can get the amount by calling and asking us.

Will I be charged at my appointment?

If you are using insurance and need pre-authorization, we will have your insurance information prior to your appointment so that we can get pre-authorization. In the process of getting pre-authorization, your benefits will be run, and your current status will come up. This will tell us if you have any deductible left, if you have any co-pay, or if you have any co-insurance. Based on this information, if you will owe any amount, you will be informed at your appointment. If you want, you can request that we contact you with the amount before your appointment. We will also explain how and why you will owe the amount calculated.

I don’t have insurance. Does this mean I can’t get a medical imaging study done?

Not at all. We have very competitive self-pay rates, and even have convenient payment plans for those that might need it. There is more information in the COSTS tab of our website.

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