X-rays use electromagnetic radiation or Röntgen radiation to take images. Usually, the object being studied is the patient’s bones, which x-rays show very well. X-rays are not usually used to evaluate issues with nerves, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and other non-solid structures. In some cases, an x-ray is a precursor to an MRI: the doctor wants to make sure the problem is not structural (which the x-ray would catch) before ordering an MRI. If a patient does an x-ray for certain problems but the x-ray comes back normal, the next recommended step is getting an MRI.

X-rays are non-invasive. The patient is positioned so that the x-ray tube can take an image of the part being studied. The image is taken and processed in a special machine; the images are then sent to a radiologist for interpretation. The patient does not feel anything while the x-ray is being done.

An x-ray is essential for diagnosing fractures, or broken bones. If you need an x-ray service, Hoffman Imaging and Medical center provides the best X-ray service in Metro Chicago, contact us today for an X-ray appointment.

Chest X-Ray for TB

A very common procedure Hoffman Imaging and Medical Center performs is a chest x-ray to rule out tuberculosis. In many circumstances – such as for school, a new job, or immigration purposes – a tuberculosis test (known as a PPD test) is performed. A negative result means the patient is clear of tuberculosis, and a positive result (and the severity of the positive result) means the patient may have tuberculosis. Many countries use a tuberculosis vaccine that causes a positive PPD test because of the nature of the vaccine. In such a circumstance, the doctor will order a chest x-ray to make sure the patient does not have tuberculosis.

We perform the chest x-ray and will send the results to any entity the patient directs us to the doctor, the patient’s new job, the patient’s school, or to the patient. Our prices are low, so getting this x-ray should be easy and affordable for all.

Scoliosis Study

Some people have a condition known as scoliosis, which refers to the spine not being straight. In some patients, the severity of scoliosis (determined by what is known as Cobb’s angle) is low, while it is high in others. Scoliosis can lead to back pain, uneven gait, and other complications. We perform scoliosis studies to help the doctor evaluate the presence and severity of scoliosis and, if present, the best course of treatment.

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This facility is wonderful! Great location, a range of available testing times, and many services offered. They are accommodating and convenient!

– Kate Blanchard

I had a wonderful experience when I brought my mother in for an MRI and a mammogram. The staff were caring, nice and very helpful. They work with people that have various language abilities. I recommend based on my experience for people to visit this center.

Aida Khalifa

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